For the eponymous leader of the society, see Hargain Crossrosier.

The Crossrosier Sorcerer Society,[note 1] often referred to as simply Crossrosier,[note 2] was a group led by Hargain Crossrosier.


At some point, Hargain Crossrosier's second wife founded the society,[1] headquartered near the royal capital, by Lake Last.[2] Its members performed parlor tricks they tried to pass off as real magic; even its lower-ranking members were made to believe the charade. Because of this, they eventually earned a negative reputation with King Helios VII and his parliament. During said king's reign, a low-level member of Crossrosier, Vivian, was hired by the politician Joshua Herbert for discreet assistance in dealing with the situation at Torcia Tower. Later on, the two along with their hire Raymond Atwood approached the tower one night, only for all but Raymond to be killed by Maiden's Iron Maidens.[3]

Organization and StructureEdit

Crossrosier maintained a hierarchy among its members. As part of this, only the highest-ranking members were aware that the organization's supposed magic was actually just sleight of hand, while the lower-ranking members were led to believe that they wielded actual magic.[3] The religion established by Crossrosier held rituals in their headquarters church and forbade the eating of meat.[2]

Known MembersEdit




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