Joshua Herbert was a member of parliament who challenged the Torcia Tower in order to gain political power.


Joshua was a commoner and a member of the lower house of parliament. Eventually, he learned about the situation at Torcia Tower and chose to attempt to resolve the issue to curry favor with the king. He then approached Vivian from Crossrosier for secret assistance, who agreed in exchange for the tower's Pot of Basuzu. The two also ended up hiring Raymond Atwood for additional assistance.

After the three entered the tower three days later, Vivian gave Raymond and Joshua protective talismans before they ascended to the second floor. Joshua watched Vivian attack Gibbet with her crystal ball, convinced she would win, only to discover that she was killed by an Iron Maiden falling on top of her. He was then enveloped and killed in one of Maiden's Iron Maidens.[1]




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