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Lion City[note 1] was a city was located east of York City, south of Mercerie City, and near the infamous Torcia Tower. Stella's Bar was located inside the city.


At some point, the city was founded in the countryside. It later experienced a brief economic boom after one of its coal mines was discovered to contain diamonds. However, said mine was depleted less than ten years later,[1] and the city's economy declined. By this time, the city was also noted to have little police presence.[2]


Torcia TowerEdit

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Torcia Tower was a tower near the city. Originally the residence of Sir Hank Fieron, it was later lived in by his alleged daughters, who lured and tortured various people.[2]

Stella's BarEdit

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Stella's Bar was an establishment located in the city's downtown. It was owned and operated by the Townsend family.[2]

Coal MinesEdit

Coal mines located to the north of the city. After one of them was discovered to have diamonds, the city temporarily flourished with wealth during the Diamond Boom.[1]

Known ResidentsEdit

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