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Rack was the middle child of the sisters living in Torcia Tower. Believing herself to be the daughter of Hank Fieron, Rack tortured and killed numerous people with the goal of resurrecting her perceived father. She was specifically charged with torturing victims.


Early LifeEdit

Rack was originally the body of the powerful original wraith Amostia. In this form, he and the other numerous wraiths engaged in conflicts against humans due to their nature. Three hundred years ago, Rack was split from Amostia's soul and armor and sealed on the fifth floor of the Reverse Tower. During construction of the tower, the torture device technician Clockworker had stolen Amostia's body, disappearing with it. At some point, the body had been transformed into an ordinary torture rack by a prestidigitator.[1] The torture rack eventually fell into the hands of Lord Hank Fieron who used it to torture his victims. Despite being an inanimate rack at the time, she still retained some memories and sensations during Hank's use of her, including the torture of a servant of General Calax, what the man and his clothes looked like, and Hank smiling and cleaning the blood off of her.[2]

Twenty years after Hank's death, Rack was given a human form by Beritoad.[2] She thus woke up in the storage room of Torcia Tower alongside Gibbet and Maiden, unable to recall anything from her past. She was then told by Beritoad that they were the torture instruments of Hank, and that they had to torture and kill people to increase Beritoad's power and bring back Hank, their "father".[3]

The Torturer Sisters ThreeEdit

The three sisters then began abducting people to torture and kill. With Rack tasked with causing their victims suffering, she tortured various people, including Lloyd Lowell, a thief who broke into the tower to steal the Pot of Basuzu.[4] When Beritoad's half-human son Raymond Atwood came to the tower, Rack accompanied Maiden as she killed his companions Joshua Herbert and Vivian, explaining to the annoyed Gibbet that they were doing so under special orders from Beritoad. Raymond then revealed his powers and fought the three sisters before escaping.[5]

A week after, Raymond returned to the tower, accompanied by Lloyd, Benji Kemp and Stella Townsend. When Raymond reached the fifth floor, Rack unveiled Josephine and battled Raymond, transforming into a giant wolf upon Beritoad's prompting. As she attacked Raymond and his companions, Rack also accidentally stepped on Beritoad. Raymond and his companions were then able to escape the tower.[6] Following the incident, Rack failed to remember any of her actions while transformed.[7]

Trials with CrossrosierEdit

Around half a year after, Raymond returned to the tower along with Liam Highland and Tsukumo. When they reached the third floor, Rack prepared to battle them, although easily defeated by Tsukumo's wind powers.[3] Raymond and his others then captured Beritoad and left the tower; left without a power source, Rack was reverted back into her rack form.

Rack was eventually found by Gibbet and, along with the also reverted Maiden, was brought to the Crossrosier Mansion. They were also accompanied by Beritoad's familiar Rabiah. As they neared Beritoad, Maiden began regaining her human form. At sunset, they enacted their plan, with Rabiah causing a diversion outside while the three girls broke into the mansion. As they reached the lab, where Beritoad was imprisoned, they were stopped by Tsukumo and did battle with her before she ran outside to help Raymond against Rabiah.

Entering the lab with the help of Maiden's intangibility, they found Beritoad there with Liam Highland and a recently-deceased Hargain Crossrosier. After talking to Liam, they discovered that Tsukumo was fighting Rabiah alongside Raymond and ran out to help him. They arrived at the scene and did battle, only for Tsukumo to unleash a massive lightning blast on everyone. Following the incident, Rack and the others were helped by the uninjured Gibbet, and they all returned to the mansion.[5]





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