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For the device this character wields, see Josephine.

Rack was the middle child of the sisters living in Torcia Tower. Believing herself to be the daughter of Hank Fieron, Rack tortured and killed numerous people with the goal of resurrecting her perceived father. She was specifically charged with torturing victims.


Early Life[]

Rack was originally the body of the powerful original wraith Amostia. In this form, he and the other numerous wraiths engaged in conflicts against humans due to their nature. Three hundred years ago, Rack was split from Amostia's soul and armor and sealed on the fifth floor of the Reverse Tower. During construction of the tower, the torture device technician Clockworker had stolen Amostia's body, disappearing with it. At some point, the body had been transformed into an ordinary torture rack by a prestidigitator.[1]

The torture rack eventually fell into the hands of Lord Hank Fieron who used it to torture his victims. Despite being an inanimate rack at the time, she still retained vague memories and sensations during Hank's use of her, including the torture of a servant of General Calax, what the man and his clothes looked like, and Hank smiling and cleaning the blood off of her.[2]

Twenty years after Hank's death, Rack was given a human form by Beritoad.[2] She thus woke up in the storage room of Torcia Tower alongside Gibbet and Maiden, unable to recall anything from her past. She was then told by Beritoad that they were the torture instruments of Hank, and that they had to torture and kill people to increase Beritoad's power and bring back Hank, their "father".[3]

The Torturer Sisters Three[]


The three sisters then began abducting people to torture and kill. With Rack tasked with causing their victims suffering, she tortured various people, including Lloyd Lowell, a thief who broke into the tower to steal the Pot of Basuzu.[4] When Beritoad's half-human son Raymond Atwood came to the tower, Rack accompanied Maiden as she killed his companions Joshua Herbert and Vivian, explaining to the annoyed Gibbet that they were doing so under special orders from Beritoad. Raymond then revealed his powers and fought the three sisters before escaping.[5]

A week after, Raymond returned to the tower, accompanied by Lloyd, Benji Kemp and Stella Townsend. When Raymond reached the fifth floor, Rack unveiled Josephine and battled Raymond, transforming into a giant wolf upon Beritoad's prompting. As she attacked Raymond and his companions, Rack also accidentally stepped on Beritoad. Raymond and his companions were then able to escape the tower.[6] Following the incident, Rack failed to remember any of her actions while transformed.[7]

Trials with Crossrosier[]


Around half a year after, Raymond returned to the tower along with Liam Highland and Tsukumo. When they reached the third floor, Rack prepared to battle them, although easily defeated by Tsukumo's wind powers.[3] Raymond and his others then captured Beritoad and left the tower; left without a power source, Rack was reverted back into her rack form.

Rack was eventually found by Gibbet and, along with the also reverted Maiden, was brought to the Crossrosier Mansion. They were also accompanied by Beritoad's familiar Rabiah. As they neared Beritoad, Maiden began regaining her human form. At sunset, they enacted their plan, with Rabiah causing a diversion outside while the three girls broke into the mansion. As they reached the lab, where Beritoad was imprisoned, they were stopped by Tsukumo and did battle with her before she ran outside to help Raymond against Rabiah.

Entering the lab with the help of Maiden's intangibility, they found Beritoad there with Liam Highland and a recently-deceased Hargain Crossrosier. After talking to Liam, they discovered that Tsukumo was fighting Rabiah alongside Raymond and ran out to help him. They arrived at the scene and did battle, only for Tsukumo to unleash a massive lightning blast on everyone. Following the incident, Rack and the others were helped by the uninjured Gibbet, and they all returned to the mansion.[5]

Fall of Torcia[]


One night, Rack was cleaning the first floor dining room and through a hole in the wall, shone moonlight upon the Reverse Tower seal, releasing Amo, the soul of Amostia. Due to him presenting himself as a nude incorporeal form, Rack made a demand for decency and was placated when he reappeared in fine servant clothing. Amo began to question if she was the latest owner of the tower, or even a princess, which she denied. She asked if he was a familiar of Beritoad, told by Amo that he knew of him, but not as an underling.

Due to his refusal to explain himself, Rack attacked him with flying spikes, which flew through his formless body, leading her to conclude he was a ghost of someone who died in the tower. He denied this and told Rack that if she wanted answers, she had to pry up the metal plate keeping "a part of him" in the basement, and retrieve it. While Rack pondered on the proposal, Amo began to dissipate, telling her not to patch the hole shining moonlight on the seal, or else they wouldn't be able to talk again.

Rack later retrieved Maiden to examine the plate, told that because it's magnetic, she couldn't use her intangibility to get past it. Rack also begged Maiden to not patch up the hole like Beritoad ordered her to, due to Amo's warning. In return, Maiden handed her a letter she got to ask if she knew who sent it, with Rack realizing it was from Maiden's creator Garness Elsebert and reminding her forgetful little sister of who he was.[2]

In her free time, Rack has pondered on what could lift it, even considering using Josephine R, dynamite, or acid. Over the following ten nights, Rack hid the hole in the wall by day and revealed it at night to meet Amo while Beritoad was asleep. Each meeting between the two would start with Rack being asked if she had found a way to lift the magnetic plate, which she hadn't. Their nightly chats also consisted of Rack listening to Amo tell snippets of the story "The Selfish Princess and the Servant", as well as others she had never read or heard of. On the tenth night, feeling bored and lonely as she watched the waning half-moon, she revealed the seal to hear more.[8]

A week later, Rack noticed a group of people entering the tower and alerted the fifth floor, told that due to Maiden being disassembled and Garness busy making his adjustments to her, the others will have to fight without them. She huffed and walked down where the intruders were being hosted. As the party began to leave against the Torcia inhabitants' wishes, Rack entered the room and whispered the news to Gibbet, who reluctantly let the visitors go. Around this time, Beritoad became aware of Rack's visits to Amo, and Garness had noticed Rack's true nature as the body of Amostia.

A few days later, Rack watched the waxing moon, feeling that something will happen when it is full again, but not knowing what. Heading to the dining room to release Amo again, she was first accosted by Gibbet for slacking on her chores and not being prepared for invading forces that will come within three days. When Gibbet had her go at Rack and left to sleep for the night, Rack eagerly summoned Amo to hear the conclusion of the story by refracting moonlight through a glass bottle onto the seal.[9]

On the full moon night of the incoming attack, Rack waited by the second floor until Gibbet had trapped the invaders underneath the hanging ceiling and assumed the role of torturing the men holding up the ceiling. Free to do as she pleased to the preoccupied soldiers, she removed the helmets of the men at the front and began to coronate them with crowns of fire. As Rack squabbled with Garness before trying to put a crown on him, the army was freed while she was distracted. Rack attempted to retaliate but Raymond countered her and the group dogpiled her, but she managed to slip away into the lower floor while pursued by Raymond and Tsukumo among others.

In the dining room, Rack captured an enemy soldier and began torturing him with the Iron Coffin of Lissa. Distracted again, Raymond and Tsukumo managed to get the drop on her and the three fought.[10] Having Robinson and Johanson pull Josephine R, Rack used her improved torture device to counter the wraith hunters who struck with enhanced magic thanks to Hargain's bracelet. In the middle of the fight, the magnetic seal suddenly opened and Rack observed Benji Kemp in the dark space, Benji having opened it from the inside. Struck by Raymond and Tsukumo's enhanced lightning, she recovered just in time to observe her opponents taking the new escape route and screamed for them to wait for her.

Due to entering the Reverse Tower so late after the others, Rack got lost in the dark structure but could hear a fight happening on the fifth floor. Once reaching the level, she saw Raymond standing victorious over a felled Romalius. When approached by Amo, she demanded he explain everything. Amo responded by saying they are the servant and princess from the story, as one, and that Amostia's armor was their castle. As phantom bells rung, Amo asked Rack to become one with him to become Amostia again. However, during the process, Rack fused with the armor and went haywire before Amo could join with the two, the now winged and wolven Rack-Amostia hybrid exploding out of the top floor of Torcia Tower, standing upon the ruins and engaging with the recently revived Beritoad.


Amostia then disappeared from the former site of Torcia Tower and moved the battle to Lion City, bantering with Beritoad in Rack's voice. As the fight wore on, Amostia gained a winning edge due to their impenetrable armor and Beritoad's growing wounds due to their fire breath. After burning Beritoad's wings and all-seeing eyes, causing the enemy wraith to collapse to the ground, the soulless Amostia began to rampage among the city.

Though soon later struck with a blade of lightning, the wraith only staggered before continuing mindlessly destroying Lion City, repeatedly spitting fire into the sky and over the buildings. As they opened their mouth, Gibbet summoned the Cord of Gleipnir to hold their jaw down, exposing their vulnerable insides. Shot in the throat with an electrified Maiden, the incomplete wraith was defeated.[1]

During the Rack-Amostia hybrid's last moments, Amo visited Rack's conscious self within the wolf. As he removed Maiden from Amostia's throat, a guillotine he salvaged from Torcia Tower erected itself around Rack's own throat. As her appearance and clothes changed, Amo said she resembled the selfish princess from the story. Rack recounted the story Amo had told her up to that point, still not understanding why, if the princess had truly come to regret her actions, she hadn't let herself be executed. Deciding then to allow herself to be beheaded for her crimes unlike the princess, Amo pulled the cord and let the blade drop.[11]

After the destruction of Torcia Tower and the defeat of Amostia, Amo disappeared and Rack reassumed her humanoid form. Because of Torcia's fall, its former inhabitants moved to an eleven-story tower by an ocean and set about making it their new base of operations. Since the new tower had been long abandoned by previous occupants, Rack set about cleaning it. As she did so, she pondered upon her reawakened memories of being Amostia and her vision of the guillotine, wondering why she's back to normal, or even still alive. Seemingly to answer her question, a voice explained the "execution's" delay was due to their preference for the original ending where the princess lived, inviting further discussion of the two's feelings on the story, though Rack couldn't discern whether she actually heard the voice or imagined it.

Despite it all, she still plans on resurrecting Lord Hank with Beritoad and her sisters.[12]