Thorn1 Rack Thorn2
Hair color Sandy-brown
Eye color Violet
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Voice Actors
First Appearance

Rack is the second eldest of the sisters.

She is talented at oppressing the victim's of the tower. She inherited her father's, The Lord of Torture, strong temper. Her motif is the torture weapon of stretching the body, the Rack.


Appeared with her sisters at the Torcia Tower roughly 20 years prior to the events of the series claiming to be Hank Fieron's 'daughters'. She and her younger sister, Maiden, were plagued by a disease. They were cured of their illness with the use of the Pot of Basuzu by their older sister, Gibbet, and took on the will of their father. Her duty, alongside her sisters, became protecting the tower and Pot of Basuzu.