"You mean to call me coldhearted? I know I am. But this world isn’t so kind that you can make it by idealism alone."
―Raymond Atwood[src]
Raymond Atwood was the son of Beritoad and Selma, as well as the adoptive son of Romalius. Left an orphan after the death of his mother, Raymond eventually became a wraith hunter, taken in by Romalius.


Early LifeEdit

Born the son of Selma Atwood and the wraith Beritoad, Raymond was raised by his mother in Melby Village.[1] After Selma was burned at the stake for loving a wraith, Raymond was picked up by a circus troupe. Later on, he was adopted by Romalius. When he was around ten years old, he killed Beritoad's servant Hank Fieron while he was sailing to the Royal Capital.[2] Upon killing the wraith Stolasphia, she released a gem which trapped him inside it for fifteen years before he finally escaped.[3]

The Torturer Sisters ThreeEdit

Eventually, Romalius sent Raymond on a mission to capture Beritoad. Raymond went along with the plan, although secretly planning to kill Beritoad in order to avenge his mother.[2] As part of this, he began staying at Lion City,[4] getting involved with the lives of its citizens.[5]

When Raymond was hired by the politician Joshua Herbert and fake sorceress Vivian to assist them as they entered Torcia Tower, he used the opportunity to confirm its layout and the torturer sisters' powers. After his companions were killed, he revealed himself and his powers to Gibbet, Rack and Maiden, doing battle with them before fleeing.[6] A week after, he returned to the tower with the thief Lloyd Lowell, the doctor Benji Kemp, and the bar owner Stella Townsend, determined to kill Beritoad once and for all.

Making his way up to the chapel on the fifth floor, Raymond confronted his father and stated his reasons for coming there, also doing battle with Rack. After Rack transformed into a giant wolf, Raymond escaped along with Benji and Stella, Lloyd having been killed by Maiden.[2] Raymond then returned to Romalius' castle and reported the incident to him.[7]





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