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The Torcia Tower,[note 1] more commonly referred to as the Torture Tower,[note 2] was the former residence of Hank Fieron and later the home of his three "daughters": Gibbet, Rack, and Maiden, who worshiped the "dark god" Beritoad.


Torcia Tower was built three hundred years ago in an attempt to prevent enemy invasions,[1] and to hide to location of Amostia's resting place, the Reverse Tower.[2] It eventually came into the ownership of Hank Fieron and gained the moniker "Torture Tower" due to the rumors of him torturing war prisoners inside. After his death twenty years ago, Beritoad awakened the sisters Gibbet, Rack, and Maiden and the three girls took up residence inside the tower.[3]

Over the years, Gibbet would visit the nearby Lion City to lure in torture victims with the promise of the Pot of Basuzu, a rejuvenating water that could cure ills. As such, people would visit or attempt to break into the tower to steal it for themselves, only to be caught, tortured, and killed.

When a soulless Amostia was released and burst out of the top floor of Torcia, the whole tower was razed to the ground. The site was left as is and the former inhabitants of Torcia Tower moved to an eleven-story tower near an ocean instead.[4]


First Floor[]

The first floor of the tower. It contained a front hall, dining room, a former library, seven other rooms, and was decorated with purplish-red flowers and old furniture.[5] The dining room contained the magnetic seal to the Reverse Tower, hidden partially underneath a cupboard.[6] The floor also contains a secret passage that leads to the top floor.[1]

Second Floor[]

The second floor of the tower and the domain of Gibbet. It was one large room, and contained an atrium that let in light from the third floor.[5] The ceiling held a trap false ceiling that would be used to crush victims slowly.[2]

Third Floor[]

The third floor of the tower and the domain of Rack. The sisters tortured their victims there.[5]

Fourth Floor[]

The fourth floor of the tower and the domain of Maiden. It contained nothing but jail cells.[5]

Fifth Floor[]

The fifth floor of the tower. It had four rooms, two of which were locked, barring entry to even the three sisters. The other two rooms were a storage room for torture implements and a chapel. The chapel was where the sisters worshiped Beritoad and stored the Pot of Basuzu.[7] The secret passage from the first floor leads up here.[1]

Known Residents[]

Notable Visitors[]






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