Tsukumo, also known as the Emerald Girl, was a being created by Hargain Crossrosier. Unable to form memories beyond three days, Tsukumo was used as a tool by Hargain, channeling his powers through a bracelet.


Hargain began using necromancy on the corpse of the child from his fourth wife in an endeavor to atone for the death of his first wife Thyful.[1] After ninety-nine attempts, Hargain was successful, naming his creation "Tsukumo".[2] As part of her makeup, she was unable to remember anything past three days,[3] although she retained simple instructions ingrained into her, namely to kill all wraiths and avoid harming humans.[4] Following her awakening, Tsukumo broke out of her tube and imprinted on Raymond Atwood, calling him her father.[2]

Tsukumo accompanied Raymond and Liam Highland to Torcia Tower in their mission to capture Beritoad. On their way up the tower, she battled Rack and Maiden,[3] easily defeating them and reverting them back into torture devices. This was by channeling Hargain's power through the bracelet Liam wore.

With their mission successful, the three returned to the mansion. During this time, she tampered with the tracking of Beritoad's part-wraith underlings Robinson and Johanson. Later on, Tsukumo was visited by Raymond and Liam in her room, continuing her childlike behavior and asking Raymond to sleep in her room. That night, she woke up alone, thinking on her identity and powers. As she saw Rabiah in his raven form outside her window, she attacked him with spear-shaped hail.[5]

When Rabiah and the three torturer sisters attacked the Crossrosier mansion a few days later, Tsukumo battled the girls inside the mansion. Soon after, she realized Raymond, who was fighting Rabiah outside, was in trouble, running to help him. There, she battled Rabiah before Hargain suddenly died from overexertion, leaving Tsukumo without a power source. Soon after, Liam arrived and tossed the bracelet to Raymond, who wore it and summoned lightning magic. With Tsukumo channeling Raymond's spell, she cast a lightning strike that hit the lake, the mansion and everyone present.[4] Following the incident, Raymond returned to Romalius' castle, taking Tsukumo with him.[1]





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